Bali Hai!

7 02 2012

It’s great to be two hours away from paradise! Bali is just one of the places that I never get sick of..just because it feels so much like home, yet so vastly different from Singapore. Some must-trys.


Bali is a place of great eats- cheap, tasty, no frills. That said, you can find great food at chi-chi places as well, you just need to know where to go.

Naughty Nuri’s

In a span of two trips, I have been here four times. Casual, unpretentious environment with great food. Patrons usually pop by, freshly sun-kissed in their board shorts and flip flops. Wash down their legendary juicy ribs and tuna steak (order rare) barbecued right in front of you with Bintang beer. No visit to Bali is complete without coming here.


Biku is a chance discovery on my way back from yoga and highly recommended by the folks at the yoga place. It’s a great place for brunch cos’ they are famous for their cakes, teas and coffee. But they have other great local delicacies such as beef rendang and nasi goreng. What really got me sold was the concept of the place- lounge, little wellness store (with chakras, aromatherapy), books, even tarot reading. Doesn’t hurt to have free wifi too.

Made’s Warung

Again, no visit is complete without savoring the famous nasi goreng here. The chilli here is to-die-for. Be wary of how much you add, cos it is fiery baby.

Also check out Hu’u Bar for excellent fusion food and La Luciola for by-the-beach Italian cuisine but a bit high on the $ side though great place for a date.


Bali is a great place for soul cleansing and getting in touch with nature and your inner self.

Jiwa Bikram Yoga

Jiwa was a spontaneous decision made after googling ‘yoga in seminyak’. I was initially hesitant on doing Bikram simply because it is hot enough out there! But boy was I wrong. A 1.5 hrs hot yoga session is no child’s play but you reap the rewards after that. I went back to the villa and slept like a baby. But what I truly love about yoga in Bali is that it is usually a one stop retreat. Jiwa sells affordable yoga wear- very pretty and comfy and stocks a juice bar where fresh coconut juice (full of electrolytes!) awaits you after that hard work.

If you are in Ubud, check out the famous Yoga Barn where you do your downward dog in the middle of rice fields. Hippie alert.


Didn’t meet a hot brazilian like Julia Roberts in the movie but then there are many things and places to fall in love with!

Potato Head and Cocoon

One of the most famous beach clubs in Seminyak. Beach clubs like Potato Head house a restaurant, bar and an outdoor patio perfect for people watching. But so- so cocktails. Check out Cocoon along Legian 66 for the best drinks! The glory days of Legian are over for now but Cocoon is still a nice, quiet place for chilling. Lie on their huge day beds with a cocktail in hand while listening to the crashing of waves on the beachfront. Bliss.

Bali, I will be back!


Hablo Español. Y tu?

27 11 2011


One of my lifetime goals is to be able to master 5 languages. Excluding dialects.

I have always been interested in the spoken word. It’s a wonderful feeling being able to speak a native language in a foreign country all part of immersing yourself in the country’s culture.

One of the countries I have fallen deeply for is Spain. Beside the fact that speaking Spanish immediately elevates you to sex symbol status, I felt it was about time to start learning on a new language since I last did my Italian language scholarship a few years back.

And the verdict?

Me encanta! (I love it!)

Spanish is alot like Italian without the crazy hands.

(How do you say..)
Spanish: Como se dice?
Italian: Come si dice?

(where’s the toilet?)
Spanish: Donde es el baño?
Italian: Dove e il bagno?

(I love you)
Spanish: Te amo
Italian: Ti amo

It will take me a few months, years even to master Spanish but I m loving the process. And I finally understood what ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ means!


The most under-rated country in the world

21 07 2011

I had been the most excited to visit Scotland because people who have visited, have NOTHING BUT GOOD things to say.

Being the sucker I am for vast fields, greenery and lush plains, Scotland totally delivers. Edinburgh, despite being the capital, lacks the buzz and fuss that accompany most cities. I liken it to Prague, with an unique old world charm, even more charming people with great culture and history.

Just stepping foot into Edinburgh, you get suitably greeted by the awe inspiring Edinburgh Castle perched on top of high hills overlooking the bustling Princes Street. Despite our first failed attempt to enter due to unusual high winds- imagine walking at an angle of 45 degrees against the ground, we were nonetheless still in awe when we made our way up there.

Oh and the sound of bagpipes! And this being the first time I actually see men in kilts, I was blown away. Of course I just got to ask the locals if the ‘true Scotsman’ really go commando underneath his kilt. Well, let’s just say with or without underwear, the Scottish are really the nicest people around. 🙂

Europe Mania

9 06 2011

I am back from my almost month long trip from Europe and there is only one word to describe the trip- AMAZING.

I realised this is my fourth time to Europe in a span of 5 years! Including a time when I decided to stay put for 8 months. The beauty of the country is that every town, city, province is so different. Arh and the adventures of travelling alone and the many people you meet.

Look out for upcoming posts 🙂

Bali Hai

2 03 2011

You know there are some places that are your comfort zones? Well, Bali is surely, definitely one of them 🙂

See u April.

Adventures on the ATV

1 02 2011

Can you believe January is already past us? Wasn’t it just Christmas and NY?

I must say that I have had several new experiences in that short month. I finally tried my hand at the ATV!  And it was awesomeness! I have always seen people doing it on telly and thought it was so cool. You see, I have always fantasized myself as a biker chick. The word here is ‘fantasized’. I have never gone to score myself a bike licence, because I thought riding in Singapore is no fun- dust, ungracious drivers, ERPs! But whenever I see people riding in Bali on their scooters or Italy on their Vespas, I wish I could be them. So this upcoming trip to Italy, I am gonna get on a Vespa somewhat.

Ok I digressed. Anyway, the ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, is usually rode on rough terrain, duh. I rode one in Krabi and it was so much fun. You go through a few training laps, learn to control the beast and then you are all set and ready! It works like a bike, except since it is built to ride through bumps and potholes, you ride into a jungle of sorts with uphills and dips, with leaves from nearby brushing your face. Sometimes you need to lower your head to avoid colliding with the branches sticking out. Of course, for the ‘full set’ of experience, the sand blowing into your face haha. I feel like Lara Croft!

(not me, but you get the drift)

So anyone heading to Thailand next, should really really try this.