Black and White

3 10 2011

I am a huge fan of black and white photos.

With the absence of colours, it really draws the viewer to a different dimension- textures, expressions, emotions…In fact, when I get married one day, I might just have my photos in black and white!

I snapped these shots at the now defunct rail station in Singapore. I saw solitariness in the tasks people were doing and I think black and white shots best exemplify that.



22 08 2011

Checked out this cute cafe, Antoinette at 30 Penhas Road. Good spot for a cuppa and desserts, though the food looks very appetising too.

If you ever go there, you absolutely gotta try the French Toast with Caramelised Bananas. TO. DIE. FOR.

The most under-rated country in the world

21 07 2011

I had been the most excited to visit Scotland because people who have visited, have NOTHING BUT GOOD things to say.

Being the sucker I am for vast fields, greenery and lush plains, Scotland totally delivers. Edinburgh, despite being the capital, lacks the buzz and fuss that accompany most cities. I liken it to Prague, with an unique old world charm, even more charming people with great culture and history.

Just stepping foot into Edinburgh, you get suitably greeted by the awe inspiring Edinburgh Castle perched on top of high hills overlooking the bustling Princes Street. Despite our first failed attempt to enter due to unusual high winds- imagine walking at an angle of 45 degrees against the ground, we were nonetheless still in awe when we made our way up there.

Oh and the sound of bagpipes! And this being the first time I actually see men in kilts, I was blown away. Of course I just got to ask the locals if the ‘true Scotsman’ really go commando underneath his kilt. Well, let’s just say with or without underwear, the Scottish are really the nicest people around. 🙂

The Look of Love

24 06 2011

Being a Libran, I admit I am a hopeless romantic.

I recently made the observation that many Singaporean couples lack that spark between them. Many times, I see couples sitting across one another, but busy playing on their iPhones, without saying a single word to each other.

Typically local men has the notion that actions should speak louder than words, which I don’t disagree. But apart from practical actions, it would be really nice to affirm your love for someone with a tender kiss, a bear hug, a dip kiss. Which is why I love this pic from The Sartorialist. And of course, who can forget the famous ‘The Kiss’ photo?

the original ‘The Kiss’ photo

Lazy Sundays are for…

11 04 2011

good ol’ coffee with friends…

Bali Hai

2 03 2011

You know there are some places that are your comfort zones? Well, Bali is surely, definitely one of them 🙂

See u April.

Kampong Spirit

28 02 2011

One of my New Year resolutions is really going out there to take more pictures.

So I’d start by posting some shots from my photo project in Kampong Buangkok. Incidently, the kampong is situated right next to my place and besides the fact that it makes a great place for outdoor photography sessions, I saw for myself  the way people live in a kampong. Most households kept their doors open, while neighbours sometimes stream in for a chat over kopi during lazy afternoons. The kampong kids cycle freely in the outdoors, occasionally coming up to you to ask your purpose in visiting, only because well,  they are just honestly curious.

The atmosphere is very laid back. Anyone looking for a place ‘off the beaten track’ to explore, should definitely check out this area.