26 03 2010

Just caught A Single Man. No expectations, no clue to what the movie was about before I entered the theatre, except it was by Tom Ford.

Ford definitely proved he was no fluff. This is the movie I enjoyed most since UP. Loved the way Colin Firth glided through the movie, so impeccable yet so flawed like a lovingly executed 90min cologne ad.

Amazing how the movie captured themes of repression, loneliness, neglect, compromise  through a haunting soundtrack and vintage-y beautiful cinematography. Through the looking glass of his handsome home, I loved the way he goes through the day (yes the entire movie takes place in a day) like any other medicocre day but so filled with pain and longing. Longing for a dead partner and longing for a life so normal like his neighbour’s.

The reference to his younger days through his student and diving into the sea naked in the middle of the night with childlike wonder were my favourite scenes. The portrayal of the abandonment of societal norms out of the window was truly inspiring.

New respect for Mr Ford. Must-see.