Art Jamming

15 05 2012

Recently I rediscovered the joys of art. I believe as a Libran who is built to enjoy and appreciate the finer and artistic things in life, I should be able to translate that literally onto a piece of canvas. Right? After all liking something will make doing something relatively less difficult right?

first hurdle- sketching

I couldn’t remember the last time I picked up a paint brush, squeezed out paint from a squishy tube, mixing and blending to get the accurate shade (what gives you orange? Is it red and yellow? Or some white too?). Probably since school days. Or perhaps it would somewhat be like make up? Blending and shading to get the right shade, getting your hands and fingers dirty, now that would be easy peasy.

So the brave me got down and dirty but of course I had a reference image- a vibrant work featuring a flamenco dancer which I saw along Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Brushes in every shape and tip- check. Canvas- check. Squishy tubes of color paste- check. First step- sketching. One of the art assistants told me matter-of-factly, ‘you can make changes in your sketch, but it will be too late once you start painting’. Comforting. And not exactly true. Small rectifications can be made with a little blending and sponging off here and there.

I must have taken a really long time to sketch cos everyone was already painting away enthusiastically once I was done.  Blending colors is an art itself. The difficult part- skin color! Followed by shadowing in different gradients to capture dimension, perspective and light. No child’s play.  Midway though, I was really into it. I never knew painting can be so therapeutic and stress relieving. Immersing yourself into a piece of work that is truly yours can be soooo rewarding. I really felt like an artist (and a kid) for the day. Now pass me the French beret!

And certainly it wouldn’t hurt to have something to decorate your room with at the end of the day.




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