Tipping the scales

9 05 2012

I have become one of those women who’s starting to obsess over her weight. I have been slim most part of my life but horrors when I realised that I have put on 5 kg over the last couple of years! Not surprising, since I sit on my ass most part of the day in an air-conditioned office, indulge in pastas, Tim Tams, Pringles as and when I want and go for a session of yoga when I need to seek some redemption and feel good about myself after that mandatory instant noodle meal every Sunday.

But seriously, aside from the weight gain resulting from a slow down in metabolism, meaning your body stores whatever that is not burned off into energy into fats that probably comes in lumps of lard which then appear as muffin tops (not the edible kind) or love handles (nothing to love about); I’m also trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. I guess when you get enough winks, eat well, enjoy that occasional glass of wine, you just..well radiate a picture of health..your skin glows (no blusher needed), you feel happier thanks to the endorphins, you fall sick less often, you get less cramps, and the no brainers go on.

The golden rule- go low on carbs, work out. get enough sleep. BUT. IT. IS.HARD. WORK. For the past two weeks, I cannot recall the number of times I had fish soup and yong tau fu (like a mish mash of Chinese vegs and beancurds, something like that) or having to conjure up options that is non-rice/noodle based- which is really difficult in this city where rice and noodles are staples!

And the verdict? After about two weeks, the needle on the weighing scale has remained exactly where it was. Apparently it has to do with the type of workouts you do- trying to alternate hot yoga with hatha with vinyasa just means I would be able to maintain my current weight whilst toning my body, but that also means that I am building muscle which is bulk. So incorporate more cardio work into the regime- running, anything that makes you perspire like a frigging pig. For instance, one hour of hot yoga burns about 630 calories, that is about the equivalent of 0.5 hour of intense fast running, as compared to something more sedentary like slow walking (80 calories for 0.5 hours).

So here I am -trying to keep a fitness/diet diary and tracking my improvement, while watching Jlo’s videos everyday to inspire myself. Let’s see how this pans out then.

My inspiration




2 responses

24 08 2012

So how’s that working out?

29 08 2012

pretty good, i lost 3 kg!

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