In 2011…

8 02 2012

I know it’s late posting this but I guess it’s never too late for anything in life right?

So in 2011, I..

1) self drove across the vast Scottish highlands, the place I always wonder about after Braveheart
2) heard bagpipes being played live for the first time in my life; it was truly music to the ears
3) set foot in the place where Nessie was spotted
4) visited the castle that had the same name as me, well sort of.. Eilean Donan Castle
5) went to Taiwan for the first (and second time) and can’t get enough of it
6) went to Ho Chi Minh for the first time and had quite enough of it
7) had many of my good friends move away and prompted me to seriously think what’s next for me too
8) understood the true meaning of karma when my evil ex boss got what she finally deserved
9) dated European men- unique breed really
10) took up Spanish- my fourth language! Viva España!                                             11) drove an ATV for the first time and got hooked. Cars are so boring in comparison
12) read many books- but wish I could read a lot faster so I could cover more
13) bought too many bags
14) bought too many shoes
15) considered going vegan after reading Eating Animals but still lacked the determination to do so
16) asked myself for the 2485th time why I am still working for this organisation
17) finally watched Last Tango in Paris
18) laid ownership to four phones in total- 2 iPhones died on me, changed my 3rd iPhone to my current one
19) went upside down after finally conquering headstands at yoga
20) met Samantha Brown who has the best job in the world
21) fell in love with Gaudi, there was reason for all that hype
22) lost my dear grandmother. You are in a better place we all know.




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