Happy National Day Singapore (but I ‘m not celebrating)

8 08 2011

When I tell people that I will live in the country anytime over a city, people usually gasp. ‘But you look like a city girl head to toe!’ they tell me. But you see it’s the city I live. It’s very much caught up in development and building and building new malls, offices, flats.. It makes you wonder how with the population boom, where are they going to continue to find this space. Will this teeny weeny island ever sink? You may think HK is worse, but get this, Singapore has surpassed HK in terms of population density, and remember HK is waaaay larger than us.

In the rather short amount of time I spent overseas, there were certain things I missed about Singapore, the convenience of public transport (though now it is proving to be difficult too, hands up if you have had problems hailing a cab), accessibility of healthcare (you don’t need to run to a hospital when you have the flu), speed and efficiency at the cashier..but those were the happiest times of my life. You see, in some parts of the world, people just aren’t materialistic. Being happy was simple- great weather, great food, great coffee, time with friends and family, space to explore..being happy does not hinge on having a car where you pay more money for a piece of paper than the car itself, worrying about balloting for a flat, rush hour when it is impossible to get a cab or squeezing through sweaty, grumpy people in the morning in the packed packed trains.

Really at the end of the day, it is all quite simple. What are you willing to give up/sacrifice for the life you truly want to lead? I know my answers.

Which do you prefer? 🙂




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