The most under-rated country in the world

21 07 2011

I had been the most excited to visit Scotland because people who have visited, have NOTHING BUT GOOD things to say.

Being the sucker I am for vast fields, greenery and lush plains, Scotland totally delivers. Edinburgh, despite being the capital, lacks the buzz and fuss that accompany most cities. I liken it to Prague, with an unique old world charm, even more charming people with great culture and history.

Just stepping foot into Edinburgh, you get suitably greeted by the awe inspiring Edinburgh Castle perched on top of high hills overlooking the bustling Princes Street. Despite our first failed attempt to enter due to unusual high winds- imagine walking at an angle of 45 degrees against the ground, we were nonetheless still in awe when we made our way up there.

Oh and the sound of bagpipes! And this being the first time I actually see men in kilts, I was blown away. Of course I just got to ask the locals if the ‘true Scotsman’ really go commando underneath his kilt. Well, let’s just say with or without underwear, the Scottish are really the nicest people around. šŸ™‚