The Look of Love

24 06 2011

Being a Libran, I admit I am a hopeless romantic.

I recently made the observation that many Singaporean couples lack that spark between them. Many times, I see couples sitting across one another, but busy playing on their iPhones, without saying a single word to each other.

Typically local men has the notion that actions should speak louder than words, which I don’t disagree. But apart from practical actions, it would be really nice to affirm your love for someone with a tender kiss, a bear hug, a dip kiss. Which is why I love this pic from The Sartorialist. And of course, who can forget the famous ‘The Kiss’ photo?

the original ‘The Kiss’ photo


Europe Mania

9 06 2011

I am back from my almost month long trip from Europe and there is only one word to describe the trip- AMAZING.

I realised this is my fourth time to Europe in a span of 5 years! Including a time when I decided to stay put for 8 months. The beauty of the country is that every town, city, province is so different. Arh and the adventures of travelling alone and the many people you meet.

Look out for upcoming posts šŸ™‚