New Year, New Me

5 01 2011

Yes the new year is upon us again.

But beyond the feasting and partying, I always take this chance to count my blessings that despite the occasional ramblings, that my family is safe and and in good health and of course that includes myself. That I have a bunch of close friends that keep me sane and I know I can count on them without them having to judge me.

For some reason, I just have a gut feeling that the year is gonna be good or better for that matter.  First up, I am going back to picking up Italian, and hopefully do it in a proper school in Florence and to travel around Europe. That thought livens up my spirits. And apart from that, I hope to do more yoga simply because despite having to drag my ass there at times, I never regret a single session of it. And drinking more water and reading more definitely.

One thing that is also on my to-do list  is to volunteer too, I have my eye on panda conservation or another Habitat for Humanity project. Ok I am excited now.

Happy New Year y’all!